Erebot is an IRC bot written in PHP and released under GPL v3.0+

First written as an exercise, the project became an original alternative to other bots (eg. rbot) as it grew larger.
The code features advanced concepts of PHP (sockets, XML handling, custom streams, i18n, process manipulation, etc.).

PHP 5(.3) is used as the base version, though the code may run under PHP 5.2.1+ with some work.
Whenever possible, we try to avoid PHP 5.3.0-specific features (like namespaces, late static binding, etc.).

We only use OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) to ensure ease of reading -- no spaghetti code.
And because we think QA is the key to making great softwares, the code ships with several unit tests.

Erebot has a very modular codebase and currently supports the following features:

We welcome additional ideas for new features and modules.